Premium Ad Solutions

Performance Ad Targeting Capabilities

Opening up inventory to thousands of brands and direct marketing campaigns not available through any of the major ad exchanges.

tvScientific works with direct marketers of all types seeking clear engagement metrics with their brand from site visit through to purchase, download, or whatever metric the advertiser wants to measure. The partnerships between CTVBuyer and tvScientific means our publishers will have a “direct connect” solution to the advertisers and revenue that tvScientific sources.  

Enhanced Advertiser Targeting Capabilities: 

Ad campaigns can be targeted at any geographic level: zip code, city, county, MSA or DMA.

All tvScientific and Recrue direct campaigns can target audiences based on thousands of data segments, device ID’s, or customer data uploads.

Our publishers benefit from this revenue due to the targeting and data overlays we can build through the tvScientific platform.

Recrue Media controls $75M+ in ad spend from local and regional advertisers. Our direct partnerships with local media and ad agencies means our publishers receive advertising revenue that comes exclusively through our channel, resulting in revenue publishers would not realize otherwise. 

Recrue Media Advertising Categories

Higher Education

Content Targeting with Contextual Capabilities

Advertisers can serve the right ad at the right time across all CTV platforms.

Contextual targeting creates more versatile bidding opportunities against specific types of content. Advertisers can hold their bids until the right category of video content is being viewed. 

Seamless integrations without having to overhaul your tech stack.